Elastic Core Yarn - Hard Core Yarn - DuoCore® and T400® - Accessories and Options




Produce Core Yarn under control: Pinter offers different systems and solutions to insure the highest yarn quality with an easy process. Available with new machines or as upgrades for existing.

Star-L: Individual filament detectors
The most advanced system available in the market to detect filament breakages. Individual optical sensors with single light, without contact with filament, suitable for any existing filament count and colour.

R-Stop Individual Roving Stop devices
Forget Core Voids: with R-Stop, in combination with Star-L detectors, you will not produce Core Yarn without filament, when it breaks: roving feeding will be automatically stopped. Fast activation and reliable.

Latest development in Core Yarn management; with all machines WIFI connected, Star-L collects all filament production data to be processed to EurekaCore monitoring software. To know exactly what is happening on real time, from anywhere.