Elastic Core Yarn - Hard Core Yarn - DuoCore® and T400® - Accessories and Options




High quality Elastic Core Yarn means Pinter yarn: Pinter is world leader in terms of quality and development of this technology, with a market share of more than 80% worldwide from its starting with this technology during 80īs. With two different solutions for Elastic Core Spun:

CSC - Core Self Centring
Best results at a contained cost. Specially designed for coarse to medium yarn count range. Full featured, easy operation and maintenance - free. With CSC spinner will get best value for money.

CTL - Core Traverse Linked
The definitive system to spin value added yarns with the highest efficiency (low yarn breakages and minimum human dependence) and the best yarn quality (top quality components and excellent design). CTL: best Core Yarn system in the world.